Swisstainable - Sustainable travel in Switzerland image
Swisstainable - Sustainable travel in Switzerland image

Swisstainable - Sustainable travel in Switzerland

A new approach to travel initiated by Switzerland Tourism

Swisstainable - Sustainable travel in Switzerland image

Swisstainable - a sustainability programme developed by Switzerland Tourism - is designed not as yet another certification process, but with the intention of providing guidance for the guests. At the same time, Switzerland Tourism aims to create a movement in which the entire industry can get involved. 

Sustainability is no longer a niche topic, but has made its way into the mainstream. Politicians, businesses and consumers have understood that everyone will have to work together to use resources responsibly in the future. The United Nations has adopted 17 overarching global goals for sustainable development: the Sustainable Development Goals. The Swiss Federal Council, in turn, has committed to a climate-neutral Switzerland by 2050, and attached special significance to sustainability as part of the new tourism strategy. For this reason, and because consistent positioning within the sphere of sustainability is a perfect fit for Switzerland as a travel destination, this will be a key topic for our strategy. 

One sustainability programme for everyone

Visitors looking for sustainable offers are often lost in a jungle of labels. The Swisstainable programme aims to counter this. Swisstainable is designed not as yet another certification process, but with the intention of providing guidance for you as guests. At the same time, we want to create a movement in which the entire industry can get involved. 

The 3 levels at a glance

Swisstainable - Sustainable travel in Switzerland image

Level III – leading

Level III businesses have a comprehensive, recognised sustainability credential that covers all dimensions of sustainability and is regularly audited by third parties.


Level II – engaged

Level II businesses are committed to sustainable business management and ongoing further development in sustainability. In addition, these businesses have a recognised credential in at least one sustainability dimension.


Level I – committed

Level l businesses commit to sustainable business management and to further developing their business continuously towards sustainability.

Sustainable travel in Switzerland

Untouched nature touches our hearts. As a travel destination, Switzerland is synonymous with spectacular mountains, wild gorges and mystical forests; our nature has the power to provide energy. We aim to preserve this – for many generations to come.

Swisstainable: Sustainable travel in Switzerland

A new approach to travel

Sustainable travel doesn’t necessarily mean having to go without. Sustainable travel means greater awareness and depth and more enjoyment. With this in mind, Switzerland follows its own sustainability strategy: Swisstainable.

Swisstainable is all about having one’s finger on the pulse – and maximum relaxation in a natural setting:   

  1. Enjoy nature up close and at first hand 

  2. Experience the local culture in an authentic way 

  3. Consume regional products 

  4. Stay for longer and delve deeper 

What makes Switzerland a sustainable travel destination

One of the most closely-knit rail networks in the world, recycling champions, and impressive air and water quality – Switzerland is leading the way towards a sustainable future.


Every day, 9,600 trains travel along the roughly 3,000-kilometre-long SBB network. Even small and remote locations can be reached by public transport. SBB sells around 3 million travelcards every year.


Switzerland invites guests to swim in the middle of its cities – a truly unique experience. Boasting some 1,500 lakes, Switzerland is seen as Europe’s moated bastion, and is home to the sources of many rivers, including the Rhine and the Rhône.

Nature conservation

A total of 19 Swiss parks make up more than one eighth of the land area (5,269 km2). For the past 125 years, the Swiss Forest Act has also been ensuring that 30% of Switzerland remains forested – and this number is rising.


The air quality in Switzerland is excellent. We have always been appreciated as a climatic spa destination with beneficial therapeutic effects, and the health-promoting climate of Davos’ mountain air was discovered as far back as 1853.


Compared to our international counterparts, we consume the most organic products per capita. And Swiss retailers have been leading the international sustainability rankings for years.


Switzerland is one of the world’s leading countries when it comes to recycling and waste management, with almost 90% of PET bottles being put to new use.

Our tips for responsible and mindful travel

Sustainability is a big word – particularly when it comes to travel. But one thing is certain: the more mindful and responsible we are when we travel, the smaller our negative footprint. The following tips, information and highlights will help you discover Switzerland in a more environmentally friendly, more respectful and more intense way, at the same time enabling you to return home with more – and longer-lasting – impressions.

Sustainable exploration and experiences

Useful links for sustainable travel

Swisstainable - Service providers

Sustainability has been shaping Switzerland for decades. Whether through the predominant use of hydroelectric power, the high environmental awareness of the Swiss people or the early and comprehensive expansion of public transport, which illustrates what sustainability looks like in Swiss tourism: created for the regional population, enjoyed by guests from all over the world.

On the move, unburdened by luggage

Have your luggage picked up from your home and delivered to your holiday destination – and taken back to your home after your holiday.

Grand Tour of Switzerland

A unique train tour combines the most beautiful panoramic lines and highlights of Switzerland. Explore the diversity of the Alpine nation on the Grand Train Tour of Switzerland.

E-Grand Tour

The Grand Tour of Switzerland is the world's first road trip for electric vehicles. A dense network of charging stations ensures power over the entire route and consequently guarantees comfortable and clean driving pleasure over 1600 km.

City breaks

Swiss cities never fail to impress visitors by their scope. Nowhere are attractions, cultural centres, innovative gastronomy, insider's tips and new favourite places in such close proximity as in Switzerland. Explore our cities like Zurich, Basel and Geneva on foot and discover their charm and authenticity.

Swisstainable - Sustainable travel in Switzerland image