Vitality.Swiss Ambassadors

Meet the Vitality.Swiss Ambassadors

Discover the faces driving change. Our ambassadors embody vitality, exploring with us solutions and scenarios for a vitalized and brighter future.
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Kentaro Minami

Mizuka Ueno

Guest Principal Dancer of The Tokyo Ballet

The Prix de Lausanne marked the start of my ballet journey, and standing on that stage again, I realize it’s where my dance story, my enduring treasure, unfolded.

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Haruka Christine

TV celebrity

I was a child in love with Japan, and from the day I was finally able to come here at the age of 16, I have been thinking and communicating about Switzerland more and more. I am most comfortable with a balance of both cultures.

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Tomek Gola for Ladies Drive

Kazu Huggler

Fashion designer, Artist

For me, it represents growing up between Zurich & Tokyo, blending stories from both cultures into a harmonious tapestry of people, clothing, & environment.

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Basil Kräher

Graphic Designer, Photographer, Fashion Model

Experiencing the dialogue between two distinct cultures draws inspiration out of me; a wellspring that informs and nurtures my creative expression.

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Photo by Romain Guélat

Johan Leutwiler


Swiss or Japanese, although thousands of kilometers apart, we find common humanity by being true to ourselves and to nature.

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©David Vintiner

Sou Fujimoto


“Vitality for me is the Resonance of Nature and Architecture, Private and Public, Harmony and Chaos, Simplicity and Complexity, Diversity and Unity”

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Elisabeth Schneider-Schneiter

Member of the National Council, President of the Parliamentary Friendship Group Switzerland-Japan

“For me, Vitality stands for a positive attitude of strength and energy and for a healthy lifestyle, an important commonality shared by Switzerland and Japan”

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Seishiro Eto

Member of the House of Representatives, President of the Parliamentary Friendship Group Switzerland-Japan

“My Vitality comes from listening to children’s dreams. It is our responsibility as adults to watch over them, nurture and help them realize their dreams”

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Maya Minder

Artist, Curator, Chef

“Vitality is a movement, not a stillness. Health, the joy of living and growing. Enjoying not only one’s own liveliness and resilience but also the lives which surround us”

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©Ayako Suzuki

Kenta Kojiri

Dancer and choreographer

“The inspiration for a life of well-being? Physical expression that can resonate with others; refining one’s sensibility; liberating oneself. Dancing and performing along these principles constitute my vitality”

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Marcel Hug

Paralympian Wheelchair athlete

“Vitality means when my body, mind and soul develop together and come into harmony. That is what sport helps me to do again and again”

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Takeuchi Tomoka

Snowboard Olympic champion

“Dreams do not always come true with hard work. But vitality is driven by dreams, goals, meeting people, and most importantly learning from our mistakes and successes”

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Prof. Dr. Christian Schwarzenegger

Vice President Faculty Affairs and Scientific Information, University of Zurich, lawyer

“Vital societies are the ones that develop solutions. They foster a higher quality of life and attract talents and businesses”

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Seiichi Saito

Head of Panoramatiks

“Vitality for me is about how we connect relevant solutions to common problems. In every country, we should search for, find and implement solutions together”

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Dr. Matthias Leuenberger

Country President of Novartis in Switzerland

“Vitality is about building the right healthcare framework for the future, which resonates with the EXPO theme and the Vitality.Swiss program”

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Yuzuha Yoshida

Student at Sophia University and Participant in the Support Our Kids program in Switzerland in 2020

“My Vitality comes from meeting people. It gave me strength after the Great East Japan Earthquake and expanded my worldview during my Swiss homestay.” Yuzuha Yoshida, Student and Participant in the Support Our Kids program in Switzerland in 2020”