Kick off of Vitality.Swiss image
Kick off of Vitality.Swiss image

Kick off of Vitality.Swiss

Vitality.Swiss” communication program kicks off with a big bang at Swiss residence !!

On September 22, the Embassy of Switzerland in Japan , with its Swiss and Japanese partners, celebrated “Vitality.Swiss” – our new communication program on the road to #Expo2025!

Switzerland wants to foster health, sustainability and innovation on the road to Expo 2025 Osaka-Kansai. With Vitality.Swiss, we will explore solutions and scenarios for a vitalized future !

Our first large in-person event in a while kicked off with a bang on Thursday, with over 70 guests, including speakers such as Manatsu Ichinoki, Vice Secretary General of the Japan Association for the 2025 World Exposition, architect Sou Fujimoto, designer of Expo 2025 masterplan, and Christian Schwarzenegger, Vice President of the University of Zurich, in addition to representatives of partner organizations and the media.

Ambassador of Switzerland to Japan Dr. Andreas Baum, opened the launch event with a speech reflecting on how Japan and Switzerland can join forces to foster a vitalized future in the face of common challenges ! The Vitality.Swiss program was then presented to the audience by Jonas Pulver, Head of Communications & Culture section, and Chi-Binh Trieu, graphic designer. We would also like to thank our inspiring speakers, Yusuke Obuchi, the University of Tokyo, Ayano Kagami, CIC Tokyo, Toshi Matsuda, Swiss Business Hub Japan, Dominic Carter, The Carter Group, and Gregor Muischneek, Head of Economic & Financial section, who presented ongoing and future projects related to the Vitality.Swiss program.

What does Vitality mean to you? To us? In the 2nd half of the event, our Vitality Ambassadors engaged in a series of pitches on the meaning of vitality, providing the audience with much food for thoughts. The opening ended with a stunning performance by campaign ambassador, Kenta Kojiri, who offered his personal interpretation of vitality through dance with light and sound effects by Montage Inc.

A big thanks to our Vitality Ambassadors, Elisabeth Schneider-Schneiter, Seishiro Eto, Sou Fujimoto, Matthias Leuenberger, Seiichi Saito, Marcel Hug, Tomoka Takeuchi, Yuzuha Yoshida, Maya Minder, Kenta Kojiri, and Christian Schwarzenegger, who have agreed to help us foster exchanges as part of our campaign until 2025!

Kick off of Vitality.Swiss image

The Vitality.Swiss program will explore solutions and scenarios for a vitalized future along three themes: healthy life, sustainable planet and human-centered innovation. Through a variety of events and content, the program provides a platform for dialogue and co-creation on the road to the Swiss pavilion at Expo 2025 Osaka. An initiative of the Embassy of Switzerland in Japan together with the Consulate of Switzerland, Swissnex in Japan, Swiss Business Hub Japan, Science & Technology Office Tokyo, Switzerland Tourism Japan, and Presence Switzerland, Vitality.Swiss is officially registered as a Team Expo co-creation partner.

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