Swiss edition on World Buzz Cooking! image
Swiss edition on World Buzz Cooking! image

Swiss edition on World Buzz Cooking!

From plant-based meat to hydroponic culture - Switzerland’s new approach to food

Through four episodes of World Buzz Cooking, join Fuji TV announcer Nagisa Watanabe for a Swiss vegetarian barbecue and explore new aspects of Switzerland through food.

World Buzz Cooking is a YouTube cooking channel of Fuji Television Network, in collaboration with announcer Nagisa Watanabe and Embassies in Japan. The channel introduces countries and their culture through food and drinks.

Through the 4 episodes of the Swiss edition, announcer Nagisa Watanabe discovers a new image of Switzerland where environmental awareness has led many people to adopt plant-based meats, organic foods and products into their daily life.
Let’s delve into the latest Swiss food innovation with her while enjoying the show!

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Epsiode 1

Join us for this first Swiss episode of World Buzz Cooking and learn about the new communication program "Vitality.Swiss", food, art and more… with announcer Nagisa Watanabe.

First episode, broadcasted on October 7th, 2022

Episode 2

Join for this second episode and let's have an environment-friendly BBQ party with a twist using innovative Swiss ingredients. The twist ? This BBQ is entirely vegetarian, using meat alternative from “Planted” as the main ingredient!

The company “Planted Foods,” a Zurich-based foodtech spin-off from the ETH, has been conquering Switzerland for a few years with a natural, plant-based meat alternative. The goal ? To reduce meat consumption and preserve the environment through science. The brand offers consumers healthy and tasty alternatives to traditional meat, such as alternative to chicken, kebab and pulled pork, made from pea protein.

Second episode, broadcasted on October 14th, 2022

Episode 3

In this third episode, join announcer Nagisa Watanabe for an eco-friendly meal paired with delicious organic Swiss wines and beautiful traditional twisted bread!

Learn more about organic wines and cheese from Switzerland in this mouth-watering episode.

Third episode, broadcasted on October 21st, 2022

Episode 4

In this fourth and last episode, join announcer Nagisa Watanabe as she interviews Zurich-based architect and designer Antonio Scarponi to discover more about hydroponics and his project Eliooo.

What would you do if we told you that you could grow your favourite food at home with little effort and that it could all be built as a weekend DIY project? Well its possible thanks to a DIY system to grow plants at home designed by Antonio Scarponi, architect, designer, founder of Conceptual Devices, and professor at Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK).

Try it yourself thanks to ELIOOO, an instruction manual that activates some IKEA boxes to grow food with hydroponics.

Fourth episode, broadcasted on October 28th, 2022