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Documentary ARITA - In a land of Terra / 焦がれた地で (1/3)

Discover the first episode of the 3-part documentary series by Kohei Yamaguchi chronicling Carlo Clopath’s 3-month residency in Arita, Japan!

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Carlo Clopath, a talented Swiss product designer, was handpicked for the Creative Residency Arita program by a professional jury (David Glaettli, BIG-GAME, Heinz Caflisch) assembled at the initiative of Vitality.Swiss, communication program of the Swiss Embassy in Japan. For 3 months, Carlo collaborated with Saga craftsmen with the aim of vitalizing centuries-old ceramic traditions and contributing to the region’s revitalization and sustainability. In this first episode of the documentary, immerse yourself in the 400-year history of Arita porcelain and witness Carlo’s journey of exploration and inspiration as he delves into the art of Arita-yaki!