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ARITA - In a land of Terra / 焦がれた地で (3/3)

Discover the last episode of the 3-part documentary series by Kohei Yamaguchi chronicling Carlo Clopath’s 3-month residency in Arita, Japan!

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Carlo Clopath, a talented Swiss product designer, was handpicked for the Creative Residency Arita program by a professional jury (David Glaettli, BIG-GAME, Heinz Caflisch) assembled at the initiative of Vitality.Swiss, communication program of the Swiss Embassy in Japan. For 3 months, Carlo collaborated with Saga craftsmen with the aim of vitalizing centuries-old ceramic traditions and contributing to the region’s revitalization and sustainability. In this final episode, Carlo prepares for the final stretch of his residency with the help of Arita craftsmen, putting the finishing touches to his pieces before the big unveiling event. Watch the documentary to see how it unfolds!